A Strike Or Lockout That Occurred In Canada In The Past 3 Years.


I am studying in Human Resource Administration and my course is called Collect Bargaining and Contract. 

Here is Paper Content:

Students will pick a strike or lockout that occurred in Canada in the past 3 years. You will write a report that addresses the following. Provide a history of the significant/dramatic event identified and discuss its importance in Canadian Labour Relations history.

      Outline the issue or series of events that led to the conflict or dispute.

      Identify the parties involved (union type, industry, and employer)

      What actions were taken at the time of this event by either party?

      Were any arbitration or other dispute resolution methods used to resolve the issue? If yes, were all parties able to reach an agreement?

      What impact did the outcome of this event have on employers, unions, and employees in Canada?


Research Paper Requirements:

1.     Relevance and comprehensiveness of the literature review.

A Strike Or Lockout That Occurred In Canada In The Past 3 Years.

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2.     The development of the discussion beyond the literature review.

3.     Structure and readability of the discussions.

4.     Discussions linked to collective bargaining and contract administration.

5.     A strong thesis statement (concise summary of the main point or claim of the research paper) Focus on an industry, occupation, demographic / designated teams, or types of employees.

6.     Accuracy of grammar and spelling

7.     Use APA format 7th edition. Use the following criteria:

      New Times Roman, Arial or Calibri font

      12-point font size for everything in the entire document (double-spaced)

      No abstract or table of contents is required

      Use 1-inch margins on all sides of the paper

      Include Page numbers

      Title page (title of paper / student names/ student numbers / course number / Date).

      Introduction (1 page)

      Headings (Body of Paper) Do not include too many headings. You want thorough discussions and not short general discussions.

      Document should be double-spaced throughout

      Conclusion (1 page)

      Reference Page

      Minimum of 6 references required. Include journal articles/sources from the library.

      References need to be a balance between academic articles and online websites. The majority of the research should come from academic articles.

      80% of the references should be within the past 8 years. References that are older than 10 years may not be applicable or relevant to todays workplace.

      Ensure your reference page follows APA guidelines

      Appendix (If you intend to include charts, graphs, tables, or images include them at the end of your paper under Appendices)

A research paper is maximum of 5 pages of content this does not include the title page or reference pages.

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