3 Nursing Assignments

assignment #1 (new). Carefully read the article on “Violence against Nurses Is on the Rise, But Protections Remain Weak” (2017), (posted on Bb). Identify 1 other patient or staff-related healthcare/safety concerns that you have observed in your places of employment. Using the deployment flowchart (see Cherry & Jacob 2017, figure 22-2, p. 386) or cause-and-effect diagram (see Cherry & Jacob 2017 Figure 22- 4, p. 387) for each problem (Violence against Nurses + the 1 you have identified), demonstrate the factors and forces that might be responsible for these 2 issues.

one and a half page, APA format


Individual Assignment: In one brief paragraph each student will respond to this assignment–In reference to the statement below (Abood, 2007, p1), how would you describe your readiness to actively participate in legislative policy advocacy that will serve to influence changes in policies, laws, and regulations that govern the larger health care system. On a scale of 0-10, with 10 being most willing, prepared, and enthused; separately rate your level of willingness, level of preparedness, and level of enthusiasm to become involved in healthcare policy advocacy. Provide rationale for each rating.
“The experiences of many nurses practicing in the real world of health care have motivated them to take on some form of an advocacy role in order to influence a change in policies, laws, or regulations that govern the larger health care system. This type of advocacy necessitates stepping beyond their own practice setting and into the less familiar world of policy and politics, a world in which many nurses do not feel prepared to operate effectively. Successful policy advocacy depends on having the power, the will, the time, and the energy, along with the political skills needed to 'play the game' in the legislative arena” (Abood, 2007, p 1).
1. After viewing the video clip below students will describe their current involvement or sense of readiness to take on leadership roles as advocates for patients and the profession of nursing in their current places of employment, as well as local, state, or national professional organizations. Briefly discuss the steps that Registered Nurses may take to propel themselves in influential places of leadership and advocacy whether they are engaged in clinical practice, administration, or academia.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4kI9_ntt-U ( Video Clip)

3 Nursing Assignments

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Assignment #3

Case study:

genetics&genomics class Thomas Downs is 58 years old. He has recently been diagnosed with DM Type 2 & obesity. What will you tell Thomas about the relationship between DM Type 2 & obesity?

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