19th Century Japan

Answer the following questions in a short paragraph each: 



1.     What did America want from Japan during the 19th century beside trade? (At least two other things).


2.     Read about the two treaties: Treaty of Amity and Friendship (also called the Treaty of Kanagawa of 1854), and the subsequent Treaty of Amity and Commerce (also called the Harris Treaty of 1858).


19th Century Japan

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Question:  What were the internal political shift of power that occurred in Japan as a result of the signing of these treaties?  In other words, what happened to the Tokugawa shogunate and the emperor?  


3.    What was the main goal of the Iwakura mission of 1871?   Who were included in the mission?  What countries did they visit


4.    What do you think about this period in Japan’s history? 

5. What is your opinion on the West's involvement in Japan during the 19th century?

Did the force-opening of Japan produce a positive or negative outcome?



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