1.5 Shadow A Building Administrator

Shadow the principal or assistant principal for a day and record his/her activities and interactions.  Engage in a debriefing at the end of the experience.
  • Obtain the administrator's opinion about what personal and professional leadership qualities are necessary for an effective leader to possess.
  • Include a written reflection of what you witnessed as you actually observed a building administrator.
  • What leadership styles did you observe during your experience?
Follow the guidelines below when submitting your reflection:
  • Type in Microsoft Word, 12pt. font size, double spaced, Times New Roman or Arial font type
  • One (1) page
  • Comply with the  Basic Rules of Writing  Basic Rules of Writing - Alternative Formats
  • Use correct spelling and grammar
  • Enter corresponding PSEL standard with indicator, a Literacy Standard and a TILS standard with indicator with the assignment. Also included should be one or two sentences justifying why these standards fit this assignment and a brief reflection on how these chosen standards are relevant in the professional life of a successful administrator.  

1.5 Shadow A Building Administrator

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