1 Assignment 1 Discussion

Chapter 26 Assignment: Acid Base Balance

Explain how the CO2 generated by cells and exhaled in the lungs is carried as bicarbonate in the blood?


How can one have an imbalance in a substance, but not actually have elevated or deficient levels of that substance in the body?


1 Assignment 1 Discussion

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Name 2 buffer systems in the body that help keep the body in balance in terms of the ABG gases

Chapter 26 Discussion Acid Base Balance

Case Study


Micky Mango is a 64-year-old male admitted to the emergency room for asthma. His laboratory results are as follows: pH 7.31, pCO2 higher than normal, and total HCO3 also higher than normal. Classify his acid-base balance as acidosis or alkalosis, and as metabolic or respiratory. Is there evidence of compensation?

Propose the mechanism by which asthma contributed to the lab results seen.

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